Fixing It Up

When Marty and I moved to this apartment, more than two years ago, we didn’t plan on it being permanent, but we did know that we no longer needed all the space of our previous home. Being in the apartment has been great, and it’s perfect for just us two. However, we have the grandkids… Continue reading Fixing It Up


Castile Soap


A couple of months ago my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is an avid researcher, so he began looking at everything we were putting into our bodies and even the things we use on our bodies. Chemicals are killing us, slowly but surely. During his research on natural cleaners, he came across what we consider a golden nugget. It is the most versatile product I’ve ever used. It is Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap. We bought the liquid soap first and were amazed at all the uses from this one bottle. Seriously, you can clean ANYTHING with this stuff. It comes in many different scents too, which is always nice.

DB Castile Liquid Soap


The label on the bottle is really neat because it lists so many different uses for the product and lots of other words of wisdom.  No catchy pictures or phrases, just the plain and simple facts. I like that. I mean, I am a simple person, so this was awesome to me.  Some of the uses include whole body wash, shampoo, clothes detergent, floor cleaner, pet wash, dish soap, soap for fruits & vegetables, all purpose cleaner, bug control for plants and it’s even great for shaving. All that in ONE bottle! AMAZING!

DB hemp almond soapWe purchased the Hemp Almond scent here. I started using it first for shower and shampoo. Both work great! And it doesn’t take very much at all. This soap doesn’t lather like regular soap does, but it still cleans. I must mention though, my hair is still adjusting to this natural product.  Dr. Bronner’s soap will strip your hair of all the harsh chemicals that are in the products you use daily, such as mousse, gel, hair spray, etc. This may make your hair’s texture seem something it isn’t for a while.  You probably are just like me and do not remember what your hair felt like before you ever began using so many products on it. After the first washing, my hair felt “squeaky clean” and I mean that literally. As I squeezed the water from it, it squeaked! Because all the chemical infused product was removed from my hair, it was very limp after it dried. It felt very clean and soft, it just didn’t have the volume I’m used to. I even tried going a few days without washing to see how it worked. For me, this wasn’t great. After two days it seemed to have an oily feel, but I have never gone two days without washing my hair before this, so again this could be how my hair really is without all the chemicals.  I still use my regular shampoo maybe once or twice a week, just to give me a little bit of volume. Being a stay-at-home wife doesn’t require much hair styling, so a couple times a week until my hair adjusts to the castile soap seems to be a good number for me.

Using it for body wash was easy. It’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t leave a residue like some soaps do. Again, it  doesn’t lather as well as some soaps either, but it still cleans.

Shaving is my favorite. It takes very little of the Castile soap and lets the razor glide so smoothly over your skin. It leaves your skin silky soft. I love the feel afterwards.

We’ve even used the liquid soap to brush our teeth. DB-toothpastesYes, I know this sounds gross, but it really wasn’t. It cleaned the teeth as well as our regular toothpaste and without the flouride, which you do not need. I know you have always been told that you need flouride to help prevent tooth decay but that is not true. Flouride was originally  a toxic waste by-product from an aluminum manufacturer. Read more about the dangers of flouride here. It may make you think twice about using it again.

After using the liquid soap for teeth brushing, we discovered Dr Bronner also has toothpaste. It comes in three flavors. Cinnamon, Anise, and Peppermint. We chose the peppermint and love it. Like the liquid soap, it does not lather up like regular toothpaste does, but it still cleans your teeth and it has a fresh minty taste that the liquid soap does not have.


We just found the bar soap and it comes in so many different scents. I can’t wait to try it! If you use Dr Bronner’s products, please leave me feedback or send me an email and let me know how you use them and what you think about them. I hope you are as pleased with these products as I am.

Be blessed!