Essential Oils


Essential Oils

What About Essential Oils?

In the past few years, essentials oils seem to be a raging fad. Like a lot of other things, they’ve come and gone for a lot of people. For others, we’re still using them. I’ll have to admit, I was late getting started. I heard all the chatter about them, but I really didn’t believe they could help as well as some claimed. I was wrong.

I suffer from headaches, sometimes very bad headaches, amongst other health issues and so we decided to put some of these essential oils to the test. After all, even with good insurance, sometime prescription drugs are pricey and we really do not know the chemicals we are filling our bodies with when we take these drugs. Sometimes it takes years to learn of side effects from a drug you may have been taking a very long time. By then, it’s too late. And most importantly, God’s Word speaks of the use of some of these oils back many years ago. Why wouldn’t they be ok for us today?


How Do You Use Essential OilsPeppermint-Lavender

We started with Peppermint and Lavender. Both can be used for many things. As a natural pain reliever, peppermint really does help my headaches. Just a couple of drops massaged into my temples, that’s usually all it takes. Sometimes I have to use more and rest usually helps if the pain is very bad. Lavender is a wonderful sleep aid. We use it in a diffuser at night in the bedroom. The aroma is so nice and it makes us sleep so much better. This would be great for a baby’s room too. These were our first two and we were not dissappointed.

We added Cedarwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Tea Tree, Rosemary, and Lemon. We also bought a carrier oil to be used if needed.  Dr. Josh Axe has a great guide to use with these and many different other essential oils.

The main thing to remember is to buy 100% pure oils. There are many out there that may peak your interest because they are less expensive.  They actually are not less expensive if they are not 100% pure. The will not work as well, or maybe not at all, as the pure oils do.

Where You Can Find Oils and How Much Do They Cost

You can find the most common essential oils in you local grocery store but usually not a big variety. After much research and recommendation from others, we order most of our oils online from a reputable company, such as Vitacost. I’m sure there are others, but this is our go-to online company for health needs since we’ve used it before. We have never been disappointed. There are even independent consultants who sell these oils today.

Essential oils can be expensive, but you have to keep in mind how little you use at one time. Just a couple of drops goes a long way, so in the long run it’s really not that bad. We are only using the oils for health purposes right now, but there are many different uses. I’m sure if you expand the possibilities for the oils and use them for cleaning and such you’d spend much more money. It’s all in one’s own preference.

I hope you’ve found this article useful or at least it peaked your interest about essential oils. Please leave feedback below or send email to if you have questions. I’d love to hear from you!