Christmas Traditions


I love spending time with my family, doing the things we love or just simply hanging out. And of course we love to eat when we are together. Every year at Christmas time my kids have so many places to go for family celebrations. It makes the holidays stressful to say the least, especially when you are expected to buy gifts for all those people. Is it really a gift if you are expected to give it? I don’t think so. But that’s another blog.

Keep It Simple

Every year I try to think of ways to spend with my family that will be memorable. Usually my kids are so tired from work and going to so many places, they just want to come home (my place) and relax. I want that for them. What could be better than relaxing at Mom’s house? I try to spend time with the grandkids and let their parents just chill. We even wear our pajamas at our celebration. It’s perfect! They always come on Christmas Eve and we know they’ll be here late, so wearing pajamas so that the kids are ready to tuck into bed when they get home is great!  We even skip the big meal. They are so full from eating a full course meal at every other place they go, snacks are a good alternative. No formal anything at my house.

Another thing we always do is read the story of Jesus, our Savior, coming into this world. It’s from the Holy Bible, Luke chapter 2. Sometimes I read it all, sometimes I let the older kids take turns reading. I want to plan a small play in the coming years when they are all a little older. I think that would be awesome! Celebrating the true meaning of Christmas is important. If they don’t know why we celebrate, they become selfish and it becomes all about them. That’s not it at all. It’s a time for giving and sharing the love of Jesus.

We are also doing a song at church this year. Because Christmas Eve falls on Sunday, my older three grandchildren will be singing Sunday morning at church. I wanted all five of them to sing, but I didn’t get started early enough. I’m excited for this little treat and I believe the congregation will love it.  It doesn’t have to be big, the simple gifts to others can be the most significant.

Make It Count

No matter what traditions you have for your family, make them count. Be sure that everyone is a part and that they enjoy the celebration. Ask for suggestions. My kids are amazing at coming up with things to do. I’m sure your’s are too!

Have a blessed Christmas!





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