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2018Here we are, 2018 is already 5 days in. Happy New Year!! Time sure does go by quickly. Have you made resolutions for this new year? Better yet, are you keeping those resolutions?  I didn’t make resolutions this year. I never keep them and then I just feel bad about myself, so why bother.

The thing I did do on January 1 is to make Priority-Lista Priority List. I’m a planner, I write everything down and that’s how I operate. I have a planner that has all my daily activities, appointments, etc… written neatly, or not so neatly, inside.  Without my planner, I am lost!

I wanted to do things a little different this year, so I made a list of the most important things to me. Things like reading my bible, checking on my loved ones, visiting my parents, my relationship with God, my relationship with my husband, and so on.  My list was pretty long, so those are only a few of the things I listed. Then I categorized the list, and then prioritized it also. Some things just can’t wait. They need attention immediately. So, those are at the top. But some of the line items are just things I enjoy doing, not have-to-do things. Those were closer to the bottom.

ChecklistAs you may have guessed I’m a check-list type of person. If I see that checklist in front of me, I tend to get things done. If not, then my mind wanders and I end up spending an entire day journaling in my bible or reading a favorite book. Those things aren’t bad, but I get carried away and forget to do the very important stuff if I’m not careful.

I encourage you to prioritize your list for daily living. I think it’s going pretty well so far. I know I’m only on January 5, but so far, so good.  I also seem to have more free time since I made the Priority List and that’s always a plus! Start making your list today!


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