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Six Towels on the Shelf


When we first moved to our apartment, the thought of downsizing was a little overwhelming. We were excited, but some things impossible-to-possibleseemed impossible to do without, even making do with less seemed unreal.  Since that move, a year ago, I have learned so much. It takes very little to live on when referring to “things”. In fact, I am continually getting rid of even more stuff.  I remember thinking that there’s no way to fit all that we needed into our small kitchen with very few cabinets.  Now, I find myself going through those cabinets and boxing up things that we do not use.  Same with our closets. I usually visit our local Goodwill or the God’s Storehouse Thrift Store every other month to donate items that we no longer need.
Another tip: these donations can be used on your income tax return.  Keep up with what you give and the value of each item. Here is a list of values to use for your donations.


I love the fact that it takes me less time to clean this small place too. I wrote a blog on that last year. Now, I find myself smiling every time I finish cleaning or doing laundry. In fact, seeing six towels on the shelf in our bathroom makes me smile. That means my laundry is clean.  Six towels?! you say. Yes, we only have six that we regularly use. That’s all that will fit on the shelf in our bathroom and there’s only two of us here. After three baths each, it’s time to wash, it’s that simple. The exception is when our grandkids are here. I have three spare towels that are on a closet shelf. I get those out for the kids to use and I don’t have to do laundry any sooner than usual.



Once you adapt to living simple, it gets much easier. Don’t stress over it.  Just try to do it a little at a time if it’s hard for you. When you’ve finally reached your simple goal, you’ll love it!


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