Minimalist Housekeeping


One thing is for sure, minimalist housekeeping is much easier than it is for those clean house
who live in larger places.  I have a set schedule that I try to stick with each week, but even when something comes up to interrupt my plan, it’s not hard to catch up.
There’s just not as much to clean.




Just 15 Minutes a Day

I spend 15 minutes each morning doing a run-through, as I call it. I make the bed, make sure all dirty clothes are in the correct hampers, and wipe down the bathroom. This takes very little time if you do it every day.  Speaking of making the bed, I taught my kids at an early age to make their bed as soon as they rolled out of it.  Some parents prefer to make the bed  for their children now. Whichever you decide is up to you, just make it part of the daily routine.  It really takes very little time.


Daily Schedule

I do laundry two days a week, usually Monday and Thursday. I treat all laundry, as needed, as it comes to the laundry room. If it’s something that needs immediate washing, I go ahead and do it.  Dishes are done regularly. I do not have a dishwasher, so they are washed as we use them. If not, they are washed every night along with the entire kitchen. I wipe down all kitchen appliances and counters every evening. I do the heavier cleaning such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting, scrubbing appliances on the remaining days of the week. Usually one chore per day. At night, the children* always pick up all toys, books, etc. and put everything in it’s place. This makes my chores the next day much easier, plus it teaches them responsibility for their own things.

*When I speak of children I am speaking about when my children were at home or when the grandchildren are staying with us. I apply the same rules now with the grands as I did with my own. Responsibility is good for them.


SuppliesMolly Suds

Using natural supplies is important to me. I don’t like a lot of harsh chemical, plus I save a lot of money using these products. I use white vinegar to clean almost anything, so I make sure to always have it on hand. I also use baking soda for an abrasive cleaner. Dawn dish liquid works very well on laundry stains, especially grease stains. Using organic Molly’s Suds, which you can purchase on Amazon, my laundry always come very clean and smells great!


Stick With It

Once you have a schedule that works well for you, just stick with it. That’s the key. There will always be exceptions, sometimes things just come up that changes our plans.  It definitely takes a lot less time to clean a smaller place, but no matter the size of your house, being organized and sticking with your plan is the only way to really keep it clean. Good luck!

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3 thoughts on “Minimalist Housekeeping

  1. I love your explanation of having a little to do each day. I stay at home with my 3 babies and babysit 3 extras so cleaning is ALWAYS going on. I really try to have one or two big chores a day to do and of course all the extra “pick up” takes most of the day. My struggle is getting the kids to always pitch in (without complaining the WHOLE time). It somehow seems easier and faster just to get it done, however exhausted I am. 🙂

  2. Keeping things clean with kiddos running around can definitely be exhausting. Don’t give up. Doing the chores for them doesn’t teach them anything. I know it seems hopeless now, but one day you’ll be happy, and they’ll thank you, for all your efforts. Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

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