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Look For the Good


Trying times we are in with being quarantined and practicing social distancing. This Corona Virus (COVID-19) has everyone in a tizzy for sure. I’m trying to stay put at home, but I sure do miss my family. There’s been lots of down time to work on home projects and such, but even that requires going to Home Depot or the local hardware store, at least for us. We can never seem to have everything we need to finish even one project.

Friday is my day to run errands. This past week was a little different. My list was made and I left the house early, wanting to get back in before too many people were out. I didn’t need any refrigerated or frozen items so I went to the grocery store first to get the few items needed. It was a quick visit, and they still don’t have hand sanitizer, but I was able to get the other things on my list. The hoarding of toilet paper, alcohol, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, etc. is just ridiculous! People clearly do not understand what’s going on.

I decided I’d go on up to Wal-Mart to check for the hand sanitizer. I didn’t expect it to be there either, but thought I’d try. Have you been to Wal-Mart?? One entrance and one exit, roped off and with an employee at each, directing shoppers. Like other stores, there’s signs everywhere to warn customers to remain 6 feet apart. I feel like it’s doomsday. No one speaks, and if they do it is very quiet. When I got over to the HBA section, an employee was stocking shelves. I asked her, very nicely “I don’t suppose you have hand sanitizer in stock?” She rudely exhaled, probably because she’d already been asked 95 times that morning, but still it was uncalled for. After that long, loud exhale she said, “NO, we do NOT have hand sanitizer.” She never made eye contact and never looked up from the task at hand. I simply asked a question, and I only wanted one bottle. I’m not hoarding it like a lot of people. I refrained from saying anything else and turned to walk away. I reminded myself over and over during that visit, trying to look for the good, that she probably was as tired of this mess as every one else. It still bothered me.

I continued my day by going by the bank to deposit my husband’s payroll check. Thank goodness the teller was very nice. Then on to the clinic to get my allergy shot. I parked the car and called inside to see if I needed to come inside. Last week, I was told they bring the shot outside if I preferred. The receptionist told me to pull around back and the nurse would come outside to give my shot. After driving around, I only waited a few minutes. The nurse came out and said they weren’t allowed to give allergy shots outside anymore. So, I went inside the back door and sat in a chair right beside the door. The young nurse was very nice. We talked for a bit and I told her my encounter with the Wal-Mart employee. As I was leaving, she asked me if I had my bottle of hand sanitizer with me. I had told her that it only had a little bit left. She refilled my bottle! I’ve never been so excited over something as simple as hand sanitizer, but her act of kindness meant so much to me.

After going to the pharmacy to pick up refills for myself and also for my Dad, I headed home. I was thinking about all that happened in the last couple of hours. This trip should have been like any other I’d made. I was just going to do a few errands. But today was different. With so much confusion going on in this world, and even in our small town, it’s hard to always see the good. However, I’ve learned to slow down and appreciate some things much more. We are so used to coming and going as we please, but now are advised to stay home. It’s makes me very thankful for the freedoms we share.

Always look for the good. It’s out there…..I promise.

Be blessed,



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