Be a Good Tater



Awana is one of the greatest and most enjoyable programs that I have the opportunity to participate in at our church. Serving is important to me and to be able to serve food to all our Awana kids and the workers is an amazing blessing.

As we begin our new year,  I am looking Mr-Potato-Headat the theme nights we will be having. Some are the same ones we usually do like crazy hair night, or snowman night.  But there are some new ones. I see Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head night. Not knowing what this means, I ask our director. When she starts to explain, I recall reading about the different “taters” in a church.  I looked it up on the internet and decided to write a poem about it to share with you. Although, it’s a quirky comparison, it’s good advice.

Be A Good Tater

Who wants to be a spectator and never take part?
They just sit and watch you work, they can’t have a heart.

hesitator, is that you, with dreams stacked up high?
You’ll never see happy endings if you don’t give them a try.

How about a commentator, they always look to blame.
Not taking risks on their own, or even getting in the game.

An imitator is a sad one, with so much self-hate.
He tries to be someone he’s not, therefore changing his own fate.

Then there’s a dictator, is this the one you are?
Bossing everyone around, making yourself center star?

An agitator stirs things up, making a mess while doing so.
They’re always unhappy and love to make others feel low.

Watch out for the irritator , he’s out to make a scene.
Always picking on others, this guy can be mean!

Let’s try to be a facilitator, looking to find and fix
the solution to all problems, while adding fun to the mix.

The meditator is a quiet type, not too much hype  or show.
He studies, prays, then waits. God tells him where and when to go.

Best of all is a sweet tater, genuine, humble, kind and true.
Respected and loved by everyone…I want to be that! Don’t you?!

Don’t forget the tater tots, watching every move we make.
Be a good tater for them to follow, try not to make mistakes.


Serving is important. God will acknowledge our service to others. Hebrews 6:10 talks about this. As you go about your daily lives, remember to serve others. Even small things are important. Be a good tater. I hope this poem helps you remember the importance of this.

Be blessed!






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