Lillianna and the Honeysuckles



We’ve spent the past month being so busy with different activities that it has kept us from getting the grandkids on our normal routine. We were able to resume that routine yesterday and our oldest came to stay the night with us. “It’s always fun at Nana’s house”, that’s what Lillianna says. She’s almost 9 years old and the first of five to steal my heart since my own children.  It’s funny how they are all so different.

honeysuckle flowerWe usually get one of them each Friday night, rotating out so that they all have turns. This gives one on one time with each of them. They need this and it makes it easier on us older folks. I love getting all of them at once, but it can become very tiring very quickly, especially with the younger ones. They each have their own interests, so we try to do something they enjoy when we have them. It’s much easier to please one at a time.  Sometimes we just hang out though.

Lillianna loves to just hang out at home. She’s my little mini me. She loves to cook and sew and do whatever I’m doing. She’ll help me clean the house and she even does my laundry. This weekend we made squirrel feeders for our outdoors friends (note the paint that’s still on her hands). We have a special bond because she stayed with me a lot during her first year of life while her parents worked. And she was the first grandchild, so yes, she’s rotten to the core. Actually, they all are if I’m honest about it.

Lillianna honeysuckles
Lillianna and the honeysuckles

Today Lillianna and I had plans for a morning walk. Marty joined us and we were only about three minutes into it when we smelled the wonderful aroma of honeysuckles. I don’t know about you, but that is one of my favorite scents. I told Lillianna how we used to break the end from the flowers and lick the juice from inside. She was intrigued, but hestitant to try it at first. I finally convinced her of the sweet honey taste and once she tried one, she was hooked! It was so fun watching her eyes light up as we came to more and more honeysuckle vines all throughout our walk.  She has found a new treat and was excited to get home to share this with her sister and brother.



4 thoughts on “Lillianna and the Honeysuckles

  1. I’m sure she loved being shown new, exciting adventures. 🙂 I love to see their excited eyes when they are experiencing something new.

  2. Yes! Nothing can replace the excitement in their eyes. Helping them learn about new things is so much fun. Thanks Kala!

    1. Making memories is my goal. I want them to remember how much I love them, and never doubt it or forget it!

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