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His Mercies Are New Every Morning


We are our own worst critics, that’s what they say.  If that’s true, some people I know must not have any critics. But, that’s another story for another time. I used to be very hard on myself.  As I get older, I have become softer and don’t discipline myself like I once did. I tell myself it’s ok, and that it’s because I’m older and don’t feel so well. Really? That is just an excuse.


So, I fell off the wagon. The diet isn’t going well at all. We had a couple of days out of town and that messed us up. It’s hard to prepare your own meals when you aren’t home.  Once we got back home, everything seemed to be crazy.  We had to catch up on everything that we missed while gone and that didn’t leave much time for meal planning either.  So, before we know it, three weeks have passed and we’ve eaten more fast food junk that we can imagine.


Same story with studying God’s word. Shouldn’t that be the most important thing in our lives? YES! But is it? Sadly, I’m afraid not. Then there’s exercise, reading, and all the other well-planned goals that we made. What’s happening to us? This is by no means a pitty party. It is just facts.


In today’s world everything is moving so fast. Spinning at neck-breaking speed, there’s no way we can keep up with our day to day chores, not to even mention the things we want to incorporate into our lives to better ourselves. Stop, take a step back and breathe for a minute. Our priorities are all jacked up! We have to remember the important things in our life. Put those first and make time for the rest if you can. If not, then it’s not that important to you. Someone once told me “if it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. if it’s not important, you’ll find an excuse.” How true is that?!


God’s word tells us in Lamentations that His mercies are new every morning. I believe that. If we trust in Him, put our hope in Him and do our very best, He’ll make a way for us.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. If you fall, get up and dust your pants off and start again. It’s all we can do without giving up. I’m not giving up, are you? I hope not.

Thanks for reading.


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