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God Has a Purpose


Let me tell you about my God and how He works ALL things out.

This past weekend, we had lots of plans. The beginning of those were to spend Saturday morning enjoying the grandkids at the ball field. Madden had a football game, Braylea and Lillianna both had games to cheer. It was a beautiful morning, cool breeze blowing and the temperature was awesome!

Our Plans Are Not HIS

While at the games, we received a call that Marty’s dad had fallen from a scaffold while painting and hit his head. We left shortly after and headed north. He was at Maury Regional Hospital, but was being transported to Vanderbilt. After getting there, we were allowed to go back and visit him. He seemed ok, but we were told that he had a fractured skull and brain bleed. They were doing another CT scan to confirm the brain bleed and we were waiting to hear about that. We were very worried, despite his upbeat mood. He just wanted to go home. While we were with him he told us, “I know God has a purpose for this, I just don’t know what it is.” And he kinda laughed.

During the wait for test results, Marty became sick. He had not felt well all afternoon, but he became very sick around 5pm. After throwing up a couple of times, he felt some better. We decided to go to supper, where he got sick again. After returning to Vanderbilt from supper, he couldn’t make it back in to the ER, where the family was waiting still. We finally got some help getting him inside and he was first admitted to the ER and later the hospital. He had a small bowel obstruction, which was not allowing anything to go down, only everything was coming back up. They did several test on him and we were told that the CT scan showed an area that could either be a blockage or some type of mass.

F E A R   False Evidence Appearing Real

I can never explain the fear that came across me, and it was not possible for me to remain composed. All I could do is cry and pray. My mind is running rampant with thoughts of “what if”. I was exhausted from lack of sleep so it was difficult for me to remain focused on what I knew to be true. That is, God is in control, He’s got this.

T R U T H    Taking Real Understanding To Heart

I know that we serve a mighty God, but we soon found out, we believe, the reason that Marty’s dad was there.  You see, his dad’s test came back ok, no brain bleed. He was told that the skull fracture would heal on it’s own. He was kept for observation because his blood pressure was elevated.

As soon as Marty was admitted to the hospital, they inserted and NG (nasogastric) tube. When we got to a regular room, they ran contrast to find the problem. Within 30 minutes, most of the contrast came back up. That scared me very bad, but I still tried to be positive and believe me, I still prayed.  Another hour passed and amazingly, the contrast worked through him and he immediately felt much better. I couldn’t believe the change in him. But then again, yes I could. I know how mighty God is and I believe He can do anything!

God’s Purpose

All that to say this. I believe God worked all this out so that we would be at Vanderbilt when Marty became so sick. I know we wouldn’t have been there otherwise and I believe that’s exactly where he needed to be for this type of illness. Although I was very frustrated at times throughout the visit, I believe God put us there so that Marty would receive the best care possible. This could have gone very differently, but thanks to HIM, it didn’t.


Praise HIM that no surgery was needed. Praise HIM for healing so quickly. Praise HIM for good test results for Marty’s dad. Praise HIM because He is worthy to be praised!! We serve a mighty God! If you don’t believe that, my advice is to get on your knees and seek to know Him.

Be blessed!



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