Sweet Summertime


Summer Vacation? I think not!

The summer months have kept me so busy, I haven’t had time to write as much as I’d like. From babysitting to Bible school with lots in between, I’ve hardly had a free day. But I love it!

These past two months I’ve spent as much time as I possibly could with my grandkids. While having them here is a challenge since space is limited, we always manage and we always have loads of fun. Blowing bubbles, riding bikes, baking cookies, playing games….it doesn’t matter what we do, it’s always fun at Nana’s house. That’s what they tell me. I choose to make as many memories as I possibly can with them because time is precious and not promised.  I also had the privilege of keeping my two great-nephews a few times. I love all these kiddos! They are a hand full, but such a blessing to be around.

This post is short, but I just wanted to share some photos of my loves with you.

My Grands

Willa (1), Lillianna(8), Alli (7), Braylea (6), Madden (4)


Willa Kate is the youngest of the clan. She’s been a joy to watch this summer as she’s growing and learning so many new things.

Willa piano
Willa Kate is pulling up to walk and can reach the piano. Love the sweet music she plays for me.
Serious conversation
She enjoys serious conversation with her cousin Madden.
Willa Kate
And she turned 1 this summer!












Alli Beth is Willa’s big sister. She’s my little tomboy, but when she outgrows that, I’m sure of the beautiful young lady she will become.

Alli on the boat
She got to enjoy riding the boat at her aunt and uncle’s lake house this summer. It’s one of her favorite things.
Alli- no training wheels
She learned to ride her bike with no training wheels.
Alli-Kaden kindle
And she loves playing Pokemon on her Kindle with her cousin Kaden.












Madden Ray is our only boy, but such a sweet kid! He’s little brother to Lillianna and Braylea.

He got to visit our local fire department. He toured the fire truck and even tried on their gear.
Madden scooter
He loves to ride his scooter.
Madden bubbles
And blowing bubbles is also a favorite passtime while he’s at Nana’s.











Braylea Claire is our diva. She’s very dramatic and loves fashion. She just might be an actress one day.

Braylea-ready for school
New glasses and a new hair cut, she’s ready to go back to school.
Her hair is curled, she’s sporting Nana’s sunglasses and on her way to church.
Braylea-dance recital
She had her first ballet recital this year. She did such a good job!











Last, but not least, is Lillianna Grace. She gave me my greatest name (Nana) first, stole my heart and made me realize what life was all about.

Lillianna sewing
Sewing is one of her favorite things. Here she’s making a quilt.
Lillianna-back handspring
She loves her new gymnastics class. Learning back handsprings is FUN!
Lillianna-beach at Lake Michigan
She served on a mission trip this year with our church and was able to enjoy the beach and Lake Michigan while there.












Kaden and Kameron are my neice’s boys. I was so happy to get to keep them for a few days this summer and let them enjoy playing with their cousins.

Madden sure is happy to get to spend some time with some other boys. He usually surrounded by little girls, so this was a very fun day for him.
Kameron and Kaden, brothers and best friends.












Any kind of water play is fun.
Any kind of water play is fun.
We feed the squirrels every day. The kids loved taking part in this.










Kala birthday
Kala celebrating her birthday with her kids
Backyard fun











Willa swing
Willa loves the swing


Bikers club
They have a bikers club going on.

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  1. Awww. I love this. You are the best Aunt and great Aunt anyone could ever ask for. The boys loved going to your house and cannot wait to get to go back!!

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